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An evidence-based tool (PE for PS) for healthcare managers to assess patient engagement for patient safety in healthcare organizations

Abstract In 1999, the Institute of Medicine had already warned that medical errors caused between 44,000 and 98,000 avoidable deaths per year in the United States. A similar situation was subsequently in 2000, documented in Canadian hospitals. According to a Canadian Patient Safety Institute report (2016), incidents in both acute and home care settings resulted […] Lire la suite


Enhancing patient involvement in quality improvement: How complaint managers see their roles and limitations

Abstract Patient involvement is a priority for healthcare organizations seeking to improve the quality of care and services. The contribution that complaint handling can make towards quality improvement has remained underexplored, while healthcare organizations are implementing strategies to effectively involve patients in quality improvement. We conducted a qualitative study to understand how complaint managers see […] Lire la suite


Exploring peer mentoring in pediatric transition: Perspectives of different stakeholders about accompanying patients in gastroenterology

Abstract The literature identifies several issues in the pediatric transition, such as the lack of coordination between pediatric and adult settings and young patients who are not exercising independence in the self-management of their disease. The objective of this study is to explore the potential for a pediatric transition program in gastroenterology, introducing an accompanying […] Lire la suite


Partnering with patients in quality improvement: towards renewed practices for healthcare organization managers?

Background Around the world, many healthcare organizations engage patients as a quality improvement strategy. In Canada, the University of Montreal has developed a model which consists in partnering with patient advisors, providers, and managers in quality improvement. This model was introduced through its Partners in Care Programs tested with several quality improvement teams in Quebec, […] Lire la suite