What are the top priorities of patients and clinicians for the organization of primary cardiovascular care in Quebec? A modified e-Delphi study

Background: Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Little is known about the organizational priorities of patients and clinicians involved in primary cardiovascular care. This study aimed to identify their shared top priorities and explore on which aspects their perspectives differed.

Methods: A three-round modified online Delphi study was carried out with patients and clinicians in seven academic primary care settings from metropolitan, suburban and small-town areas in Quebec, Canada. Patient partners experienced in the mobilization of their experiential knowledge also participated in the study. Following an « open » round, the items elicited were assessed by a combined rating and ranking approach. Items achieving an initial consensus level ≥70% were reassessed and then rank-ordered based on their final scores. Levels of consensus achieved among patients and clinicians were compared using Fisher’s Exact tests.

Results: Thirty panelists completed the study (9 clinic patients, 7 patient partners and 14 clinicians). Out of 41 organizational aspects generated, six top priorities were shared by patients and clinicians. These related to listening and tailoring care to each patient, provision of personalized information, rapid response in the event of a problem, keeping professional training up-to-date, and relational and informational continuity of care. Statistically significant differences were found between patients’ and clinicians’ perspectives regarding the importance of offering healthy lifestyle and prevention activities at the clinic (lower for patients), timely access to the treating physician (higher for patients), and effective collaboration with specialist physicians (higher for patients).

Conclusion: Although their views differ on some organizational aspects, patients and clinicians share a small set of top priorities for primary cardiovascular care that may be transferable to other chronic diseases. These top priorities should remain a central focus of clinical settings, alongside other primary care reform goals.

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