The Partnership Co-Design Lab: Co-constructing a Patient Advisor Programme to increase adherence to rehabilitation after upper extremity replantation



The Centre of Expertise in Reimplantation and Emergency Microsurgical Revascularisation (CEVARMU) noted a significant difference in rates of adherence to rehabilitation interventions between patients followed at the CEVARMU and those transferred to other rehabilitation facilities.


To increase the rate of adherence to rehabilitation interventions, the CEVARMU has initiated an innovative project to create a new intervention model. This new model involves Patient Advisors (Pas) in the development of a peer support programme.


The project consists of five phases: 1) identification of needs through common understanding; 2) design of the idea through a vision and scriptwriting; 3) co-design and evaluation of a pilot project; 4) co-design and evaluation in “real life” through pragmatic trials. The last phase is embedded in the other four: 5) improvement, change management, sustainability and partnership to create and assess the peer support programme.



The Partnership Co-Design Lab (PCDL) allowed the creation of a peer support programme and 25 patients benefited from Patient Advisor support.


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