Engaging Patients in Patient Safety – a Canadian Guide.

During the past decade, we have seen evidence that when healthcare providers work closely with patients and their families, we can achieve great things. The healthcare system will be safer, and patients will have better experiences and health outcomes when patients, families, and the public are fully engaged in program and service design and delivery. Patient involvement is also important in monitoring, evaluating, setting policy and priorities, and governance.

This work is not easy and may even be uncomfortable at first. Providers may need to let go of control, change behaviours to listen and understand patients more effectively, brainstorm ideas together, build trust, and incorporate many different perspectives. Patients may need to participate more actively in decisions about their care. Leaders must support all this work by revising practices to embed patient engagement in their procedures, policies, and structures. But finding different and innovative ways to work together, even when it’s challenging, benefits everyone.

When patients and healthcare providers partner effectively, the results are powerful. We invite you to join us in advancing this work. We welcome diverse perspectives and beliefs to challenge the status quo. Let’s explore ways to shape new behaviours, using everyone’s unique perspectives and courage to make healthcare a safe and positive experience.

A deep belief in the power of partnership inspired the Engaging Patients in Patient Safety – a Canadian Guide. Written by patients and providers for patients and providers, the information demonstrates our joint commitment to achieving safe and quality healthcare in Canada.

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