Health Technologies 

The objective of this research project is to make a state of knowledge on the use of connected health and e-health in Quebec and to identify the different practices of citizens and patients engagement with these new technologies.

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The Accompanying Patient, an Organizational Ressource as Lever for an Improved Patient Experience in Oncology (PAROLE-Onco)

This research postulates that the experiential knowledge of the accompanying patientsis complementary to the scientific and experiential knowledge of the health care providers, thus enabling them to be recognized as full members of the team.

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PAROLE - Pediatric Transition

This research project aims to validate that the intervention based on the accompaniment of a patient companion allows participating patients to be better equipped to live the transition they are facing.

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Peer Support Program at CEVARMU

The purpose of this research project is to evaluate the impact of the peer support program at CEVARMU (Provincial Center of Expertise for People with Traumatic Amputation or Requiring Emergency Microsurgical Revascularization), and more specifically at the hand clinic.

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Questionnaires for measuring care partnership

This project aims to develop two questionnaires to measure and evaluate the degree of care partnership at the clinical level. The first is for patients and the second for health care providers or professionals. They will be useful to measure the perception of both patients and professionals with regard to the degree of care partnership in which they are involved.

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Patient Engagement at the organizational level

Several research projects are set up to evaluate the impact and contribution of patients in improving the care offered in institutions in the health and social services network in Quebec and in Canada.

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Interactive Communicant-Teacher-Learner Platform

This project focuses on the development, implementation and refinement of the interactive platform of the University Hospital of Montreal (CHUM) Communicant-Teacher-Learner where  new strategies of partnerships with citizens and patients will be developed to better respond to the challenges facing health facilities

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