CAN-SEP project

The CAN-SEP project is a randomized clinical study (RCT) which aims to find out the effects of cannabis on the symptoms of spasticity and pain in patients with multiple sclerosis (PwMS). In addition to this study, additional studies are proposed to meet three objectives.

First, as part of the RCT, three PwMS with different and complementary profiles were integrated into the research team as researchers. This is a unique opportunity to examine the role of the patient partners of the CAN-SEP project in preparing for the implementation and development of the project, including recruitment, retention and compliance.

A second objective is to assess the experience lived by the patients participating in the RCT and their perceptions related to the use of cannabis as a pharmacological intervention to their symptoms related to multiple sclerosis.

Finally, since certain questions remain unanswered concerning the perception of PwMS to take cannabis as a treatment, a pan-Canadian survey will make it possible to identify the key elements that influence the perception of PwMS with regard to therapeutic cannabis and, by extension, the factors facilitating or limiting its use by these patients.

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