The patient experience: a driver for the transformation of healthcare and health organizations!

The CHUM Research Chair on the Evaluation of State-of-the-Art Technology and Methods focuses on the citizens and patients engagement in the transformation of organizations and health systems.

Its goal is to better identify and evaluate how valuing patients' experiences with disease and the health system is a source of innovation and transformation at the clinical, organizational and policy levels.

Through an innovative and interdisciplinary research program, the work of this Chair aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge on the engagement of citizens and patients in health organizations and networks by offering a research focus on the domain ; document the adoption of e-health and connected health in Quebec; develop tools for measuring patient engagement at the clinical and organizational levels; identify best practices and better understand their impact on the relationship between patients and health professionals.


A living and innovative laboratory

The Chair proposes a living laboratory approach that engages and mobilizes all the stakeholders concerned, including the contribution of a network of patient partners.

This workspace and pooling of knowledge gives rise to the creation to an innovation ecosystem allowing, from the genesis of the idea, to co-build the intervention but also its evaluation and dissemination by involving at the beginning of all the partners concerned (patients, citizens, health workers, managers / decision makers, researchers, even industrialists).


Collaboration with the Center of Excellence on Patient and Public Partnership (CEPPP)

The work of the Chair is also part of the research program of the CEPPP, a world pioneer in the science of partnership.

The Center of Excellence on Patient and Public Partnership develops new practices that focus on dialogue and knowledge sharing to improve the patient experience and the effectiveness of care. In particular, the CEPPP works to optimize the patient partner's "Montreal Model" as a new standard in the health care field and inspires universities, hospitals and researchers around the world.


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